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AlienStarsI’m trying something new this week in the hopes that it may help motivate and inspire me. It’s called What’s Up Wednesday. It’s a blog hop started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk to help writers connect with each other.  I’m going to talk about how things are going in my writerly world and elsewhere. You should check out the others who are doing this too. I’m sure you’ll find lots of interesting book recommendations at the very least.


Right now I’m reading Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett because as much as I loved the first two Discworld books, I’ve never really gotten around to reading the rest of them which is a damn shame. So, I’m correcting that. It’s about the Discworld’s first female wizard. She happens to be from the town of Bad Ass.

I’m also reading The Witch With No Name by Kim Harrison. It’s the last book in the Hollows series, which makes me a little bit sad. But I’m really excited to find out how it all ends after thirteen books.


I’m not writing very much right now. I’m working on a flash fiction for March Madness. I should be working on a lot more, but I’ve fallen into a pretty big depression hole since finishing my last novel draft. It was the second book for my Intergalactic Fairy Tales series. They’re science fiction retellings of fairy tales. The first two I’ve written are retellings of Beauty and the Beast, and Alice in Wonderland. I had thought about making the third one Peter Pan, but I was having a really hard time finding inspiration with it, so who knows now. I don’t feel like I could write anything novel length right now anyway. I’m struggling just to finish the March Madness flash fiction.



Not much lately has been working for me. To help with my funk, I’ve been working on this website and blog. Hopefully it will help me get a handle on my depression and start being happy with my work again. When things are working sprints usually keep me going, so I’ll know I’m doing better when I can face a word sprint without curling up into a ball.


I recently joined a bowling league. My first night was last Thursday and it was a lot of fun. I only bowled about a 145 average, but that’s not too bad for using house equipment. I should be getting my new ball in a week or two. I can’t wait. It’s going to be a DV8 Hooligan. It’s not really my favorite colors, but it’s one of the balls that’s included with the cost of the league and it seems like a pretty good ball. Since I’m sure you’re all avid bowlers, I’ll bet your on pins and needles about how it performs, so I’ll be sure to let you know when I get it.


So, that’s it for my first What’s Up Wednesday post. I’m going to try to make this a regular thing. What’s up with you?


About Robert

Robert McKay has been in love with books as long as he can remember, but it wasn't until he got to go to the middle school library that he really found his true passion in science fiction and fantasy. He first found them in the form of Choose Your Own Adventure books, but he didn't stop there. Soon he found fantasy books that were so big that he could hardly carry them. But carry them he did. Not long after, he started creating worlds of his own. His tendencies got him labeled as a weirdo and outcast. He stopped writing and barely read for a very long time. When he finally started reading and writing again, it felt like coming home. Though he tends to write science fiction and fantasy stories, they all tend to have an element of romance, whether he originally intends them to or not. If you want to hear more from him, he can be found on Twitter.

12 thoughts on “What’s up Wednesday

  1. Hi Robert, welcome to WUW!

    I own a copy of Equal Rites, I’m fairly sure I started it but I never got around to finishing it. Other than that I’m rather ashamed to say I haven’t read any Terry Pratchett, although I did order myself a copy of Guards! Guards! just the other day. :)

    Bowling league? That’s very cool! Unfortunately I suck at bowling; I still need the bars up at the sides or I never score anything.

    Best of luck finding that inspiration, have a great week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      Bowling isn’t just for people who are already good at it. Most leagues have a handicap that gets added to your score so competition is more based upon how much you improve week to week rather than your exact score. There were plenty of people on my league who scored less than 100.

  2. Welcome to What’s Up Wednesday! Lovely to meet you ^_^

    Sci-Fi retellings sound brilliant! Good luck working on those.

    I hope you can find your way out of your depression as soon as possible. It can be hard moving on from one book to another, but another idea will come your way. Finding something to work on in the meanwhile sounds like a good strategy :) And enjoy the bowling!

  3. Hey, Robert! Welcome to What’s Up Wednesday! Glad you decided to join in.
    Sorry to hear that writing has been so tough lately. I’m only just climbing out of a very deep writing rut myself. I have to say that your sci-fi fairy tale retellings sound fantastic! Exactly the kind of thing I love to read. I like the tales you chose as well. Hope inspiration returns to you soon and tons of it!

    I’m part of a bowling league, too. We do five pin, which isn’t my preference. I’m pretty terrible at it, though. I only once bowled over 150. Eek. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. Good luck with getting back into writing. Depression is a hard hole to climb out of sometimes, And good luck with the bowling.

  5. First of all, welcome to WUW! Secondly, I hear you on the depression issue. Once October hits, writing gets much for difficult for me too. Your Intergalactic Fairy Tale series sounds awesome though, so I hope you can muster the inspiration to get some words out! Hope things start looking up soon! :)

    1. Thanks, Erin! I finished my flash fiction for March Madness today, so I’m feeling pretty good about that. I should probably find something else to write so I can keep up the momentum.

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