What’s Up Wednesday #2

Castle Button (Final)It’s Wednesday again and time for me to tell you what I’m up to. Thanks again to Jamie and Erin for starting this and helping me find a way to be more focused on what I’m doing with my time!

What I’m Reading

I’m still reading Equal Rites and The Witch With No Name, but I haven’t really touched Equal Rites this week because Witch is getting CRAZY. It’s the 13th and last book in the series, and I really need to know where this is going to end up. It’s actually hard for me to write this and not be reading the book instead. I’m sure by next week I’ll be able to tell you whether I was happy with the ending or not.

What I’m Writing

I got my shit together and finished the March Madness flash fiction, and I’m so glad I did. I submitted it and it’s going to be posted on DeadlyEverafter.com on March 23rd! It’s called “Subject Twelve”. You should all head over there and check out the other participants throughout the rest of the month. The first story is up right now. It’s called 8 Words and it’s by a delightful and talented girl named Kennedy Thompson.

I’m currently pondering doing the Blogging Challenge From A to Z. It’s where you write letter themed post for every day in April except Sunday. It should be a good way to connect with other people and keep my being creative.

What Works for Me 

Thinking about Amanda Palmer’s amazing Patreon. She’s gotten people to pledged to donate many thousands of dollars to her every time she produces a new piece of work in just her first day. It’s crazypants. It makes me want to believe that being supported by your fans is possible.

What Else Is New

Today is New Comic Book Day and new issues of both Saga and Rat Queens are out this week. There is literally nothing that could stop me from getting to my local comic shop to pick them up.

My bowling last Thursday was pretty decent, and they should have ordered my ball on Monday. I’m really excited to get out there again this week.

I think I mentioned pretty much everything else up above. What are you folks up to this week?

About Robert

Robert McKay has been in love with books as long as he can remember, but it wasn't until he got to go to the middle school library that he really found his true passion in science fiction and fantasy. He first found them in the form of Choose Your Own Adventure books, but he didn't stop there. Soon he found fantasy books that were so big that he could hardly carry them. But carry them he did. Not long after, he started creating worlds of his own. His tendencies got him labeled as a weirdo and outcast. He stopped writing and barely read for a very long time. When he finally started reading and writing again, it felt like coming home. Though he tends to write science fiction and fantasy stories, they all tend to have an element of romance, whether he originally intends them to or not. If you want to hear more from him, he can be found on Twitter.

12 thoughts on “What’s Up Wednesday #2

  1. Awesome about the flash fiction! Good job sticking with it and submitting it. I haven’t done A to Z in a couple of years. It’s tempting, but since I only just got back into a writing routine, I figure I should keep working on my WiP and not get distracted. So, question for you: Do you ten pin bowl or five pin? Five pin is more popular here in Canada, but I much prefer ten pin. I’m in a five pin league, though. Bleh. Hope you have a great week, Robert!

    1. Definitely stick with the writing routine! If I were doing well on that front, I wouldn’t want to endanger it either.

      I do ten pin. There are very few places to do 5 pin here in the states. I’ve never actually seen it. I didn’t even know it existed until I was well into adulthood. What part of Canada do you live in?

  2. You should order your ball :D And congratulations on submitting your flash fiction. Hope A-Z goes well if you do choose to take part. I admire anyone who can crank out that many posts.

  3. Congrats on getting that fic up on the site this month. Man I MISS new comic book day. There isn’t a comic book shop within 50 miles of me.

    1. Ouch. I don’t know if I could stand to live that far out of the way any more. You might want to look into going digital if you miss your comics. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s nice.

  4. I did the A-Z challenge last year and it was hard, but also fun to connect with new people. I considered doing it this year, but I just don’t have the blog ideas needed.
    Congrats on getting your flash fiction done and out there!

  5. Congrats on getting your flash fiction up on Deadly Ever After! That’s exciting! And good luck with the A to Z challenge. I’ve seen people doing it before, and I give you all major credit. I don’t think I could keep up with blogging so often!

  6. I did A to Z Challenge last year and it was a lot of fun. I’m thinking about doing it again this year. I need to settle on a topic if I do it and most definitely write the posts ahead of time. Have a great week!

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