Marriage on Opposite Sides of the Technological Divide

I just read a post on Google+ about senior citizens not wanting more new gadgets. It was all about getting a cell phone and getting signed up for Twitter and stuff. It was mildly amusing and grumpy, but not really important enough to explain further. What amused me is the way this curmudgeonly attitude toward technology made me reflect on its role in my life. This is the comment I posted in response: “If I […]

Turntable and Google+ and Spotify, Oh My!

In the last two weeks I’ve managed to work my way into three different limited release web applications. and Spotify are both music related services and Google+ is Google’s new social network which it is pitting against Facebook. With three such intriguing services to try out it’s been hard to get much work done, but at least I have some great things to share with all of you. Here’s a little bit about each […]

Google+ is the bee’s knees (so far)

I just got into Google+ and I’m loving it so far. For those of you that haven’t heard yet, it is Google’s new social network. Admittedly I haven’t done much as I’ve had it for about an hour, but to me it’s much easier and more intuitive than Facebook. On FB I’m constantly having to ask my wife how to do things (because it annoys me trying to hunt things down and she knows it […]

In Which There is Much Cell Phone Geekery

I’m a technology junky. More specifically I’m a cell phone addict. Ever since I got hired at Verizon Wireless a few years ago. I read phone news pretty compulsively. I love seeing all the crazy new stuff that is coming down the pipes. The downside to this is that I’m always agonizing over what phone is best to get and when. In an age where your phone is outdated the day you buy it committing […]