Marriage on Opposite Sides of the Technological Divide

I just read a post on Google+ about senior citizens not wanting more new gadgets. It was all about getting a cell phone and getting signed up for Twitter and stuff. It was mildly amusing and grumpy, but not really important enough to explain further. What amused me is the way this curmudgeonly attitude toward technology made me reflect on its role in my life. This is the comment I posted in response: “If I […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

My Dearest Faith, I know gifts and food are the typical way people spend Valentine’s Day, but I’ve never been that great at those sorts of things. So, I thought I would make you a modern day version of a mix tape. I hope you like it. I know we’ve had some rough times in the not too distant past, but I thought I would let you know that I’m doing my best to make […]