I Reject Your Holidays and Substitute My Own

I’ve not been blogging on here much because it feels like everything here needs to be a masterpiece about my experiences as a writer. Well, I haven’t been doing much writing lately so I haven’t been doing much blogging. I think it’s high time that I started blogging anyway.

Today I would like to talk about holidays. I haven’t been much of a holiday person since the magic wore off of Christmas and Thanksgiving. That happened about the time I realized that nobody understood me well enough to get me something I really wanted for Christmas and that Thanksgiving was just a reason for my family to get together and fight. I was probably about 10 or so at the time.

It was shortly after those enlightening times that I figured out that Christianity was bullshit* and pretty much all remaining feelings I had for the holidays drained away. Yes, there were still a time of some excitement because I was still optimistic that someone would figure out a way to not make them suck, but they never did. I always felt like an outsider that nobody really cared about or understood.

When I grew up and got out on my own I still came back for holidays because it was expected, but I feel more like an outsider than ever. Everybody knew I was smart, but I was still working at McDonald’s and I had dropped out of college. They had no idea what to say to me and I didn’t want to talk to them about the backwoods hick things they wanted to talk about.

Some time later I met my lovely wife on the interwebs and I moved away to the lovely city of Seattle. I found a good deal of acceptance there and my wife loved the holidays. She’d never let her optimism die, though she too knew the religious aspects to be bullshit*. So, for the last few years we’ve celebrated with gusto and it’s been great fun, but I’ve never been able to shed those old feelings. I still feel like an outsider around those times and I hate all the marketing. Why should I be seeing Christmas decorations in the middle of September?!

Anyway, what I’m really trying to say is that I don’t want those stupid holidays any more. I don’t want the feelings of guilt. I don’t want the loneliness and depression that they bring me. So, I’ve decided to celebrate my own set of holidays which are yet to be determined. I will also be making a real effort to celebrate those “made up” holidays that I already think are awesome. I think my knew high holiday will be Towel Day. I celebrate others such as Star Wars Day and Pi Day as well, but Towel Day has a special place in my heart and I think it deserves the highest rank among the holidays. For those of you who don’t know what Towel Day is or who Douglas Adams is, I suggest you hit up Wikipedia immediately. It could change your life.

I sadly didn’t know the work of Douglas Adams until he had already passed. I believe it was a discussion of his passing that got me introduced to Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy. Now to this day I am saddened that the world is without a man that brought so much into my life with a few thousand words on paper. I’ve never truly celebrated Towel Day with any real fervor, but that will change. I don’t believe in Jesus, but I do believe in Douglas Adams. He helped shape my life in ways I can barely articulate. So, I will mark May 25th on my calendar and celebrate intelligence and laughter with a holiday that encourages you to carry a towel wherever you go. I don’t care if that makes me an outsider from the world at large; my wife understands it and that’s all I need.

If I haven’t offended you too greatly, please stay tuned for more posts about the holidays I will be celebrating in my life and how I intend to do so. I think it will be a fun ride and I encourage all of you to join me. I will probably even make up some brand new holidays that some of you might enjoy.

*I thought about editing myself there and making it sound politically correct, but that would not be how I feel and this is my fucking blog so I will not edit myself like that. I need to be ME here. If that offends you I am truly sorry, but please feel free to not read my stuff.

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Robert McKay has been in love with books as long as he can remember, but it wasn't until he got to go to the middle school library that he really found his true passion in science fiction and fantasy. He first found them in the form of Choose Your Own Adventure books, but he didn't stop there. Soon he found fantasy books that were so big that he could hardly carry them. But carry them he did. Not long after, he started creating worlds of his own. His tendencies got him labeled as a weirdo and outcast. He stopped writing and barely read for a very long time. When he finally started reading and writing again, it felt like coming home. Though he tends to write science fiction and fantasy stories, they all tend to have an element of romance, whether he originally intends them to or not. If you want to hear more from him, he can be found on Twitter.

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