Playlist for My Novel

Yesterday I wrote a post about how I respond to that dreaded question about my inspiration for my current novel. It was a bit facetious, but I do find a lot of inspiration in songs. Of course there’s a lot more to it than that. Writing a novel is a complex process and it takes a lot more than a little seed from a song to get those creative juices flowing. It takes a whole […]

I Can Haz Inspiration

Writers get asked constantly where they get their inspiration, especially after describing the plot for their latest project.  The first time you’re asked this question it really knocks you for a loop. You’re left groping for a succinct way to summarize a process that is about as easy to define as the alchemical recipe for turning lead into gold. After you’ve been asked for about the twentieth time you realize that most of them don’t […]

Turntable and Google+ and Spotify, Oh My!

In the last two weeks I’ve managed to work my way into three different limited release web applications. and Spotify are both music related services and Google+ is Google’s new social network which it is pitting against Facebook. With three such intriguing services to try out it’s been hard to get much work done, but at least I have some great things to share with all of you. Here’s a little bit about each […]

Google+ is the bee’s knees (so far)

I just got into Google+ and I’m loving it so far. For those of you that haven’t heard yet, it is Google’s new social network. Admittedly I haven’t done much as I’ve had it for about an hour, but to me it’s much easier and more intuitive than Facebook. On FB I’m constantly having to ask my wife how to do things (because it annoys me trying to hunt things down and she knows it […]

No More Weekly Weigh-ins

So, I think I’ve decided to stop doing weekly updates on my weight loss progress. It was becoming too much of a focus for me when I stress out about something I tend to avoid it, rather than getting really dedicated. It all starts with one little spate of neglect and then I feel guilty and stop working on things all together. I don’t want to do this with my weight loss. This needs to […]