A Healthier and More Active Me

I won’t beat around the bush here. I’m fat. I’ve been fat in varying degrees since I was little. It’s been a source of much mental distress in my life and I’m finally going to change it. I want a new body to go with the new life I’m embarking on. I don’t want to be limited in what I can do by my lack of energy. I want to hike difficult trails to get […]

What About All Your Stuff?

The more people I tell about our plans to go out traveling the more I get asked one question. It’s just as frequent as the inevitable questions about where I’m going and for how long, but the answer seems to catch a lot of them off guard. They seem more prepared for the idea that I’m not planning on settling down in the near future or that I don’t really know where I’m going to […]

I’m a Morning Person and You Might Be Too

I am a morning person. It took me quite a long time to realize this. Actually it took my wife pointing out to me for it to really click. Why is that? There’s such a culture in the US that says that “mornings suck” that it’s become one of the #trufax statements that everyone just agrees with when it’s mumbled into a cup of steaming coffee. So how do I know I’m a morning person? […]

Vagabond Life Here I Come

There are just 19 days until my wife and I pack up our car with the small amount of stuff we’re keeping and hit the road. We’re storing a few keepsakes in a storage unit, but the majority of our stuff is being sold or donated. The other day I officially gave notice that I was quitting my job and signed up for a mail forwarding service. We even have our first destination planned and […]