The Horizon is my Home

My wife has been in love with Frank Turner for quite some time, but I hadn’t listened to him much until lately. The song that really brought me around to his awesomeness is “The Road”. It’s a perfect anthem for our upcoming adventures as vagabonds. I love the lyrics as a whole, but I especially like the end. I face the horizon everywhere I go I face the horizon, the horizon is my home I […]

Feelings are not logical

One minutes I hate my job and can’t wait to be rid of it and hit the road. The next minute I’m mad that one of our Team Leads quit and they just moved his team members to other teams, rather than offering me his job like I had hoped, maybe even expected. A bit of history on that. I was offered a promotion a few months back, but the schedule it came with was […]


My wife and I have made a huge decision. We’re finally pursuing our longtime dream of becoming vagabonds.  What does that mean exactly? We’re getting rid of most of our stuff, storing the rest, and heading out on the road with no plan to settle down any time soon. Also in the last year or so we’ve gone vegan and plan to stay with that while traveling. Vegan + vagabond= vegabond. Thus, the title of […]

Happy Valentine’s Day

My Dearest Faith, I know gifts and food are the typical way people spend Valentine’s Day, but I’ve never been that great at those sorts of things. So, I thought I would make you a modern day version of a mix tape. I hope you like it. I know we’ve had some rough times in the not too distant past, but I thought I would let you know that I’m doing my best to make […]