Oh, Nook, how I do love thee.

I know it’s just another e-book reader, but Barnes and Noble has my fanboy squee dialed up to OMG. I really liked the idea of the Kindle when it hit the market. It had quite a few things that the Sony reader didn’t have, but there were still quite a few things that it didn’t have. Yesterday Barnes and Noble officially announced the Nook e-book reader and addressed almost all the concerns I have with […]

Celebrity Loyalty and Twitter

I’ve never been one to get really hung up on celebrities. Yes, I will follow actors careers and watch other works they are in if I like them, but I don’t obsess over reading every single mention of them on the interwebz. A big part of this is not wanting to have thoughts on their performances changed by who they are in their personal lives. Sure, I’ll talk about how awesome So-and-So is, or I’ll […]

Are Senior Citizens the New Teenagers?

Let me preface this post by saying that I do not hate old people. I live at a retirement community where my wife and I are the night managers and take care of anything that is necessary from 5pm to 9am. We love our old people, even when they are totally ridiculous or difficult. I call them my old people as a term of endearment. When we lose one it is heartbreaking. Now, understanding how […]

I Reject Your Holidays and Substitute My Own

I’ve not been blogging on here much because it feels like everything here needs to be a masterpiece about my experiences as a writer. Well, I haven’t been doing much writing lately so I haven’t been doing much blogging. I think it’s high time that I started blogging anyway. Today I would like to talk about holidays. I haven’t been much of a holiday person since the magic wore off of Christmas and Thanksgiving. That […]