Mystical Creative Hotspot, or Ordinary Shower?

So, I was in the shower today as I am wont to do from time to time and I began to think about how much better I think when I’m in the shower. Yes, even thinking about thinking is enhanced by the mystical powers of my shower. I began to wonder if I was alone in this and decided to take a look on the web when I got out. (Note to computer industry: make […]

In which shit gets real

I’ve officially become a real writer! Was it by finishing my novel? No. Was it by getting some other smaller work published? No. How then do I know that I’ve become a writer? Because I’m having a hell of a time writing the last several days and it makes me want to cry. I miss it badly. I miss the sense of accomplishment it gave me every day to bang out several hundred words on […]

Writing Goals, Part 1

Sometimes I feel like Dori from Finding Nemo with her “Just keep swimming” mantra, but I’ve found that the only way to actually get a story to novel length is to “Just keep writing”. There’s no amazing tip that will suddenly allow you to pound out thousands of words a day when before you weren’t writing any. It’s as simple as putting your butt in a chair and not getting up until you’ve met your […]


Hey there shiny, happy interenet people. This is my brand new website. I’m not very good at introductions so I’ll keep this short. There is a little about blurb there in the left column and here is a link to my About Me page which is also in the main menu at the top of the page for those of you that are just too good to click on a plain text link. And for […]